To get ahead of the competition, automation is king.

Below outline our software development services on the Sunshine Coast.

Application development

Custom App Development

Having a custom software developed is not just about a few developers being told “make something that does this”. No, we will sit with you, learn your business model & understand how this can best improve your processes – then, we can give you educated advice on where to take the software.



Business automation is the way of the future & you can bet that even though you aren’t automating your processes yet, your competition is. Having a website, that generates leads, translates these into tickets with sales reminders, then integrates into your accounting package & sends emails/texts automatically to clients can save hours & make your business stand out.

Back end development

Back End Development

With entrepreneurs becoming as common a job as being a waiter, it’s no wonder you need to have the edge over your competition. The biggest impact on todays businesses is the software employed to make your business efficient & obviously different to the competition. To make a software that stands out, you need to have a back end that offers the functionality to support that front end.

Front end development

Front End Development

Taking the above information into account, it definitely pays to have an ‘interactive’, interesting & independent experience. Over 65% of users would prefer to scroll through a beautifully designed application than something plain & simple. This is evident with applications like Facebook, Instagram & Tinder being more popular than the traditional blogging/forum websites & dating sites as they offer a more interactive, seamless & entertaining experience.



Sometimes, building an entirely new solution just isn’t necessary when you have two or more great pieces of software, this is where ‘app to app integration’ is king. Wouldn’t it be great if your Microsoft 365 email would integrate with your CRM or maybe your CRM would integrate with a website scraper, then integrate with a nice goals dashboard? These are all possible & not taken advantage of enough.

Software Security

Software Security

So, what can you do to secure your software? Well, from the start of development, secure coding, threat modelling, sandboxing, code auditing, application security & defensive programming need to be employed. Once development has finished, code reviews, penetration testing, risk-based security testing & abuse cases need to be carried out.

Want Some More Information?

We started Absolute Software because as a Managed IT Services Provider, we realised the need to have automation & integration with line of business software. As such, we created ‘Absolute Software’ with the goal of providing software development, integration & automation to improve your line of business software and business processes.

Our primary focus is increasing your Sunshine Coast based business processes ‘flow’, from start to finish, wherever we can help with business automation. The flow starts from the creation of a job to the completion. So, we want to improve on your lead time, ticketing systems, data reporting, follow-through & job finalisation by implementing automated flows. If you’ve got multiple pieces of software that you want to communicate, we specialize in app to app integration. Also, we’re fluent in all common coding languages & most obscure languages too.

Develop, automate or integrate your software

Allow us to deliver an exceptional service and get your software working for you!

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We will be right with you, ready to give you the best app development & support possible. If you’d like to see our other services, click here.

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