Terms & Conditions

We’re Happy if You’re Happy!

It is important to have some things written down so that we both know what’s what, who should do what and when, and what will happen in the unlikely event something goes wrong. We try not include complicated legal terms & we have no desire to trick you into signing something that we’ve tried to hide in legalese. However, we do want what’s best for the safety of everyone involved, now and in the future.


Absolute IT (“We”, “Us” or “Our”) want to remain 100% transparent in our dealings with you (“client”, “Yourself” or “Your”). With this, we want our terms & conditions to be publicly available. Also, for information on our privacy policy, please click here. If you do not understand any of the following or have further questions, feel free to contact us on 1300 000 248.


Absolute IT are responsible for:

  • Data retention – Absolute IT will maintain data validity outlined in the Managed Services Agreement/Service Level Agreement so long as no third party or your staff have intervened.
  • Response Time – Absolute IT guarantee to respond within the time frames set out in the managed services agreement.
  • I.T. Infrastructure – Absolute IT will maintain the I.T. infrastructure as determined in the Managed Services Agreement/Service Level Agreement.
  • I.T. Security – Absolute IT will maintain the security of your network, computers & emails as determined in the Managed Services Agreement/Service Level Agreement to ‘best practice’. (Note: This does not guarantee complete security from malicious activity, Absolute IT will endeavour to secure your I.T. to the best of their ability).
  • Hardware/Software Ledger – Absolute IT will maintain a hardware & software ledger as we are informed of changes as per the Managed Services Agreement/Service Level Agreement.

Absolute I.T. are not responsible for:

  • I.T. Security – If you have not followed recommendations given by Absolute IT regarding I.T. security, we can not be held responsible. However, you must understand there is no perfect solution & regardless, Absolute IT can not be held responsible unless the incident is directly related.
  • Third Party Software – Absolute IT will not be responsible for issues arising from software as we are not the developers of this software.

The Client is responsible for:

  • Staff – You, the client are responsible for your own staff security. Absolute IT will endeavour to provide updates, information & awareness training. However, leaking of information, passwords or any other data by the client & their staff is solely the responsibility of the client.
  • Minimum Standards – Absolute IT will work with your current I.T. infrastructure. However, if your infrastructure is out of date/not ideal, Absolute I.T. will recommend a ‘better’ solution. Should you not take these recommendations, Absolute IT can not be held responsible for any downtime, extra labour to work with or any other issues that arise due to the current infrastructure.
  • Lodging Service Requests – Absolute IT will use best efforts to keep everything running smoothly. However, we can not fix what we do not know. If you fail to inform us of issues as they arise, Absolute IT can not be held responsible for any downtime or other issues that arise from that situation.
  • Third Party Providers – Absolute IT endeavour to allow access to your I.T. securely to third party providers. However, we can not be held responsible for third party software/public facing applications that we have not developed. As such, it is the clients responsibility to keep us informed of any changes & work with us.
  • Terms & Conditions – By accepting the terms & conditions outlined on this web page, your employees/contractors also implicitly agree.

Absolute IT will make recommendations to the client based on bets practice. It is the responsibility of the client to employ these recommendations and/or give Absolute IT the ability to implement recommendations. Absolute IT can not be held responsible for issues that arise from scenarios where the client has not followed our recommendations. Absolute IT will make recommendations on the following:

  • Software.
  • Hardware.
  • Public facing web portals.
  • Networking.
  • Security.
  • I.T. in general.

Absolute IT provide a minimum one year ‘return-to-base’ warranty on all hardware provided by us as laid out in Australian Consumer Law. All warranties on hardware as specified by the original manufacturer is with them directly & not the responsibility of Absolute IT. If Absolute IT has specified a longer warranty period this will be honored. Warranty only covers the diagnostics & replacement of the faulty part, all other labour is charged at our fee as outlined in your Managed Services Agreement/Service Level Agreement. There is no warranty on software as laid out in Australian Consumer Law.


Absolute IT send invoices electronically either after completion of each job or as per your Managed Services Agreement/Service Level Agreement. For new client invoices must be paid on completion of job via EFTPOS. All other clients have until the end of that month to pay invoices. Please also note:

  • Absolute IT reserve the right to request 50% deposit for invoices.
  • An extra 1.5% surcharge is levied for Visa/MasterCard.
  • A call-out/travel fee is payable for onsite call-outs, unless included as part of your Managed Services Agreement/Service Level Agreement.
  • Due to the variable nature of IT-related problems, unless specifically quoted for, all work performed will be billed for on an hourly basis.
  • Quotes are valid for 7 days from date of receipt

If invoices are not paid within a ‘reasonable’ amount of time as per Australian Law, Absolute IT reserve the right to send for debt collection or take legal action.


Absolute IT believe in 100% satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with your service please allow us a ‘reasonable’ time to rectify the issue & restore satisfaction. Absolute IT understand that not all partnerships will work smoothly, as such, we hope that the client & Absolute IT part ways amicably.


Absolute IT have a tiered system of delegation as per the ‘Turn-Around Time’ section below. For ticketing please follow these steps as necessary:

  • Non-emergency:
    • 1300 000 248 (ext2)
    • contact@absolute-it.com.au
  • Emergency:
    • Follow the ‘Escalation’ steps outlined in your Managed Services Agreement/Service Level Agreement.
Turn-Around Time

Absolute IT have tiered turn-around times tailored to your needs. Absolute IT prioritizes clients that are on managed service plans. In furtherance, the following are our priorities:

  1. Managed Service Clients.
  2. Service Level Agreement Clients. (Basic maintenance/monitoring with no allocated time/pro-active plan)
  3. ADHOC Clients. (Only contacting Absolute IT as necessary)

Absolute IT appreciates your understanding that if you are in a lower tier, you will not have priority over a higher tier.


Absolute IT are responsible for the integrity/security of all information in our possession. Information includes:

  • Passwords.
  • Staff/client PII (Personally identifiable Information)
  • Network layout.
  • Sensitive client information.
  • Banking/credit card information.
  • Any other sensitive information as determined by the client.

Absolute IT recommends storing all information in a secure, encrypted location. if data is lost by the client due to lack of security or not following recommendations given by Absolute IT, we will not be held responsible. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

Changes to policies

We reserve our right to change this policy as needed to accommodate changes in requirements, in the law and in technology.