Apple – Windows – Linux

We are fluent in all the common operating systems including Linux, Windows and Apple. Whether it’s software, hardware or firmware we can support it.


We have the solution to all Windows operating systems from Windows 95 and Server 2000 through to Windows 10 Pro and Server 2016.


We have a resident Apple specialist who can repair any Apple devices you are having issues with. iPads, iPhones, iMac, Macbook; whatever the device, we’re confident in our knowledge and experience.


We support all common Linux distributions such as Debian, Ubuntu, Raspbian, etc. From command line to the GUI, there are many uses for Linux in today’s society that people don’t know. Being a free OS and more efficient & secure than other operating systems, we recommend Linux in most environments. Let us show you why!


Looking for apple windows or Linux solution? We’ve got it! We support all apple & windows products and most common Linux distributions.