Internet & Networking Solutions

Internet & networking solutions

Networking is our field of expertise. Switches, modems, routers, hubs and access points are all common devices to us.


Now the NBN is here!  Unfortunately, it’s not very reliable and won’t be for at least a decade. We have accepted this and formulated reliable cost-effective solutions providing reliability & redundancy for business Data & Voice.  Considering all “landline” phones will be forced to use the NBN & business phones not working is unacceptable, the only answer is to implement a reliable backup connection utilizing a 4G fail over Sim Card from as little as $11.25/week.


Are you having local network issues such as:

  • Losing connection to network printer?
  • Losing connection to network shares?
  • Weak signal to your access point/Wi-Fi?
  • slow network speeds?

We can solve your problem. Don’t worry and start coming to work not stressing about your network!

Looking for networking solutions?

We have you covered. Our clients networks have been designed for redundancy and reliability. We’ll install and maintain office & business networks of all sizes and requirements.