About us

Established 2005

‘Absolute I.T.’ is a team of technicians who want to provide more than just the bare minimum; but instead, a service that you can count on. Our philosophy is that if you do the right thing by your clients then the work will come to you. Using this philosophy, we have been able to consistently keep our clients satisfied for over 12 years! We are currently Located on the Sunshine Coast although we have prospects of expanding.


We specialise in small to medium business IT. What this means is that we provide all tech services from start to finish and then maintain maximum up time so that you can rest assured, your IT will be functioning when you need it to. We provide services for all IT from phone systems to Servers to workstations, computer repairs and network support too! With all our years of experience, we will handle any problem and come to you with a cost-effective, future proof solution for any situation. Whether the problem is as simple as computer repairs or network solutions all the way to Windows server support and full IT solutions – We can help.

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Why choose Absolute I.T.

With over 12 years of experience you can be sure we’ve seen it all. From fried computers to sitting on the phone to Telstra for 5 hours – We know the solution. What we pride ourselves on is that we always put you first: If you’re looking to save money on the full IT solution on the Sunshine Coast then we will find the most cost-effective way forward.


With many years of experience working with so many industries, we’ve got you covered. We’ve dealt with the most hair pullingly painful situations and come out on top. Just try us!


Being Maroochydore based gives us an edge for quick onsite response across the entire Sunshine Coast region. We’re highly accessible via phone and email, ready and waiting to be there when needed.


We provide only the highest level of service for our clients. We highly recommend our Proactive Maintenance Plans as a solution to reduce reactive issues where possible.


Some IT companies will learn just enough to get by. We are experts in our field, our systems and policies are tried and true; no matter the situation we have the best quality solution available.


Stay up to date with the latest goings on!


We keep great company!

Have a question? Can we help?

We’re local (sunny coast based) and always happy to have a chat with you. So should you be needing Computer Support on The Sunshine Coast or you have any questions about your I.T requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.