Remote Work Stations

As a result of technological improvement and collaboration tools, many people are working from home nowadays. It’s important you are set up correctly at home to avoid security risks and data vulnerability.

Risks working from home
Some companies may face risks in not being able to support large numbers of VPN connections to their servers. This can discomfort employees and reflect on their productivity. Another important issue is not properly implementing access, authorization and authentication policies which may lead to employees gaining access or being restricted from services or resources they once did. Lastly, enabling disk encryption for all endpoints for remote workers is vital in the case of theft or ransomware attacks.

We’re customer-centric and understand that we can’t all be experts at everything! Allowing AbsoluteIT to set up your employee’s machines to work from home, you can be assured the following is taken care of:

  • The least amount of downtime
  • Bespoke solutions for different business
  • Flexable and scalable solutions
  • Monitored Network and Server infrastructure if needed