We are experienced

With over 12 years of experience you can be sure we’ve seen it all. From fried computers to sitting on the phone to Telstra for 5 hours – We know the solution. What we pride ourselves on is that we always put you first: If you’re looking to save money then we will find the most cost-effective way forward.

‘Absolute I.T.’ is a team of technicians who want to provide more than just the bare minimum; but instead, a service that you can count on. Our philosophy is that if you do the right thing by your clients then the work will come to you. Using this philosophy, we have been able to consistently keep our clients satisfied for over 12 years! We are currently Located on the Sunshine Coast although we have prospects of expanding.

We specialise in small to medium business IT. What this means is that we provide all services from start to finish and then maintain maximum up time so that you can rest assured, your IT will be functioning when you need it to. We provide services for all IT from phone systems to Servers to workstations. With all our years of experience, we will handle any problem and come to you with a cost-effective, future proof solution for any situation.

Certified specialists & Partnerships

Our technicians are certified in many fields of IT. Certifications range from networking to POS, even to programming switches through command line. We work on most systems, utilizing our high level of experience, we will solve your problem!

Staff Certifications include but are not limited to the following:

  • Diploma in IT and Networking.
  • Diploma in IT systems administration.
  • Kounta POS specialists.
  • Veeam Technical specialists.
  • Microsoft certifications.
  • Cisco Certifications.

Company Certifications include but are not limited to the following:

  • Veeam ProPartner.
  • Microsoft Partner.
  • Bitdefender Partner.
  • Draytek Partner.
  • Kounta Partner.
  • Dell, DJI Drones, lenovo, Samsung, Cisco & many more partners.

Our Support is Endless

We are proud to say that we can fix almost any model of computer, phone, tablet or laptop. We stock spare parts, monitors, motherboards and many more. Not only do we solve the general IT issues but the more complicated, specialized issues.

Our resident hardware, networking & software specialists can find the solution to any problem. If you are having issues with slow computers, we can fix that. Is your network complicated, computers constantly disconnecting or losing network shares? We’re the experts. Does your operating system or accounting program consistently crash? Give us a call.

  • Migrating from ADSL to NBN with no downtime.
  • Maximum up-time with your VoIP system utilizing backup 4G fail over.
  • Point-Of-Sale systems.
  • Network & system security.
  • We speak in Layman terminology to help break it down for you.