Our knowledge shouldn’t be kept to ourselves!

We offer training if you are wanting your staff to be more tech savvy; more proficient when watching for viruses; even if you just want them to have a greater understanding of how to navigate the Workstation: We can help.

At request we can hold training sessions for yourself or your staff, to increase awareness and improve efficiency when using their workstation.

Training available:

  • Virus awareness – Malware in emails, dodgy websites, etc.
  • Office usage/tips – Office 365 has many features, of which we are proficient.
  • Policies – Should you leave your computer on at night? How often should you backup? Is your anti-virus sufficient? Are you storing files/folders in the most efficient manner?

We thrive on sharing our knowledge!

Need some help along the way?

We can help with training and tutoring for both Windows, Linux Mac platforms and general computing requirements.