Virus removal and Protection

We have a long history in dealing with ‘crypto-viruses’, we understand the fear is real; Allow us to help.

So, if you are worried about your computers being infected, then we’ve got the solutions for you. As such, the way moving forward includes:

  • Backups of all important data to Absolute IT servers offsite.
  • Anti-virus solution monitored and managed by Absolute IT
  • Policies in place to avoid staff unintentionally infecting their own computers.
  • Networking hardware installed to stop viruses before they reach the end client.
  • Firewall settings monitored and managed by Absolute IT

To clarify, we will always make sure no matter what, that your data is safe and backed up.


Opened an email you shouldn’t have? It’s easy to do and we’ve all been there. Don’t worry, we can help you and moving forward, keep you safe in the future.