Windows OEM, Retail or Open licensing?

Sometimes Microsoft licensing gets confusing!

So we have three different license options for Windows 10 Pro:

  • OEM (Original equipment manufacturer)
  • FPP (Full Packaged Product – Retail)
  • VL (Volume Licensing – Open license).

Scenario: You have Windows 10, your computer dies and you have an image backup.

Now lets see the difference in licensing in this scenario.

  • OEM – Unless you have a spare license, you’re out of luck! You’ll need to buy a new license. These lock to the motherboard of the computer and can not be transferred.
  • FPP – These can be transferred to a new computer. Although, they cost about twice as much as an OEM license.
  • VL – These can be transferred to a new computer although you must already have an OEM/retail license to be able to user this & you can not sell this license to anyone else, so it is not ideal.

We recommend that unless you are a large business or a growing company, just use an FPP license, as it can be transferred when your computer dies & it’s cheaper than VL licensing.

This might not be relevant to most people but it is good to know if you run your own growing business or just starting in I.T.

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