Why You Should Virtualise Your Computer

Virtualisation is great!

If you’re a keen tech head then you’d probably already know the ins and outs of virtualising your computer. BUT, for those of you that aren’t as savvy but keen to learn, I’ve got a treat for you.

The key idea of a virtual computer is the operating system of a computer installed in a separated environment within an already setup computer. This can be done with many virtual machines so long as the hardware can support the virtual systems. You can use virtual computers for testing before rolling out a setup, hosting data & emails or even running your entire network. You can even use the virtual machine (VM) as your main computer. The benefits of this method are: redundancy, ease of migration to new hardware, always on environments, resource management.

Say you’re a gamer who likes upgrading to the latest and greatest hardware but you don’t want to have to uninstall, reinstall or image your data across to the new hardware. With virtualization you can just grab your VM, copy to the new computer and start hosting it there utilising the new hardware… That simple. If you want to learn more about virtualisation, there are plenty of guides and forums online, or give us a call & find out more!