Why is a UPS so important?

What is a UPS & Why do I need one?

So i’ll give you the scenario – We had a job today at a resort where we had to install a new UPS. They are currently updating their guest Wi-Fi system to new access points, NBN & 4G failover.

Now what is a UPS? It stands for ‘Uninterruptible power supply’ – Basically it’s a motorbike battery inside a power board that keeps your appliances safe from power surges & outages.

After installing their UPS which will power their Cisco switches & modem should there be a power outage, we noticed they did not have a UPS installed in their main office for the office appliances. These include: Their server, reception computer & hosted voice phone system. What this means is that, say they have a power surge & it happens to surge through to their server (which has their entire booking/accounting system on it – with bad backups to boot) They will lose EVERYTHING! Their backups are only data & they leave the backup drive connected to the computer so that will effectively die with the power surge.

Moral of the story – If they simply have a $200 UPS plugged into these devices (One UPS should suffice), then this entire scenario will not happen.