Why Does My Internet Drop Out?

Do you have a large network (10+ devices) & Consistently Getting Dropouts?

We’ve seen it a lot. We’ll come into a business with many connected devices and find that sometimes devices drop their connection, they’ll still appear to be connected but have no internet access, or we’ll see devices having the same IP or even be able to access Google searches but no websites!

If you’re experiencing these or similar issues – It’s probably your modem, router or switch. We manage restaurant’s I.T. & one in particular was experiencing all of these symptoms, we tried many network diagnostics, we tried new access points, a new modem, the issue turned out to be a Netgear switch. Now, keep in mind this is a business grade 48 port smart switch. As it turned out, this switch just couldn’t handle the throughput of so many devices at once, replaced this switch with an upper market Cisco switch – Haven’t had an issue since.

Today I was out on a job and diagnosed a Netgear V7610 as the problem (supplied by Telstra as a “business grade modem”). These modems are in our experience some of the worst grade hardware, they are for a business maybe with 5 people or ‘less’ – Even still, I would NOT recommend it. Replaced with a new Draytek 2762n – Problem solved.

My point is – If you have a very digital based business (most staff on computers & reliant on the network/internet functioning), then make sure you have the correct hardware, it will save you money down the line and endless headaches!