Need A New Website?

How does your website rate? Do you even have one?

Nowadays, you can’t really afford not to have a website.
We understand that this form of advertising is not the only solution, although, for a modern business it is super effective.

SCENARIO – You have a website but it doesn’t rank well in Google, get a website developer to do the following:

  • Use keywords/sentences throughout the pages of your website that a customer might google. eg. “Looking for a quality restaurant?”.
  • Change the URL & titles of the webpages to keywords as well. eg. “”.
  • Advertise your web page through Google, Facebook or Instagram advertising.
  • Use SEO plugins.

There are many more ways to improve your Website ranking to get more views. Remember though it isn’t just about getting the views/rankings, it’s also about how it looks.
If your website isn’t appealing then people are not going to call! Easy fix – Get a second opinion. I’m not talking about your friends/family (although their input is helpful).
I’m talking about other professionals. Contact us for a free look at your website – It might be fine, but why not just check?