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Absolute IT is a team of technicians who offer Managed IT Support on the Sunshine Coast that your business can count on. We specialise in small, medium & large businesses, providing services for all IT from phone systems to servers to workstations to networking to help desk and everything in between. Established for over 13 years, our experience allows us to handle any problem and come to you with cost-effective, future proof solutions

Tailored To your Business

We believe in providing the most appropriate IT solution, tailored to each client. We have clients in many industries of all sizes from 2 staff members to 100+ staff members. So, we know the only way to quote a solution that is sure to fit your business model, is to follow these three steps.

A technology review is an audit of your entire IT infrastructure. Without this, we are unable to provide an appropriate solution to your managed IT support needs. Once the technology review has been conducted, you will be given a report. So, you can make an educated decision moving forward whether we are your managed IT services provider or not.


Managed IT Services

Correct management of IT can make or break a growing business. Are you wasting money on local hardware when you should be heading to the cloud? Maybe your staff performance is lacking due to low quality computers/software? Having a skilled managed IT service provider can make all the difference. So, Absolute IT provides the following:

  • Business email hosting & cloud solutions.
  • Server & workstation management.
  • Cyber security services.
  • Network design.
  • IT help desk.

We understand that in business, it’s all about cost control & making sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. So, that’s why we believe to reduce your down-time & quantify your future costs you need to be pro-active. As such, our pro-active IT solutions are catered specifically to every business we manage. Our service level agreements & managed services agreements give you the following:

  • Personalized IT support for your staff.
  • Asset management.
  • Discounted backup, security & monitoring solutions.
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Cyber Security

Cyber Security has become a major problem in IT, areas we can secure and assist:

  • Emails – Securing your emails can mitigate common ways attackers gain access networks.
  • WiFi – There could be someone outside your office trying to gain access to your network?
  • Computers – Anti-Virus software, group policy, restrictions, controlled updates, the list goes on!
  • Cyber Insurance – They’ll insure you, but will they cover you? We can prepare you for Cyber Insurance.
  • Network – Firewall gateways, intrusion prevention/detection systems, filtered traffic, Honeypot devices.

Services Broken Down

Networking & Internet

We specialise in networking. If you are on the Sunshine Coast & having issues with your modem, router, switches, VoiP phones, PABX system, internet, WiFi or anything to do with your network – We can help.

Computers & Servers

Businesses benefit from having a local server, this can be useful for storing important data, managing the network & many other uses. Computers are the life of a modern business, if you are on the Sunshine Coast just ask us.


In a modern business the most crucial marketing comes from a customers ability to find you in a google search. If you are on the Sunshine Coast & don’t have a website or worse yet, have a website but not appearing on the first two pages.

Point Of Sale System

A solid POS can increase efficiency & lower training times for employees at a restaurant, cafe or retail store. We specialize in Kounta, so if  you own/manage a POS based business on the Sunshine Coast – We can increase your sales.

Backup Solutions

One of the biggest issues we face with new clients is their lack of a backup solution. Some businesses don’t even back up their data! We’re not saying it’s your fault, it’s the IT team’s responsibility. Let us take care of your data.

Email Solutions

Do your emails bounce? Do you get a lot of SPAM? Have you ever accidentally clicked on an email that had a virus attached? Our guess is that most will say yes to at least two of these. The solution – Office 365. Contact us to find out why.

Full IT Solutions

Pro-active maintenance is key to an always running business. Gone are the days that you can be reactive to issues regarding your IT. For full IT support in Sunshine Coast, get on an SLA where we take care of all your IT needs.

Printer Solutions

Sick of your old Printer? Printers were a pain many years ago and not much has changed. We can get your printer working although, if you need a new printer on the Sunshine Coast, let us provide you with a working solution.

New Computer Setups

At Absolute IT we build our computers, so we can provide the best service. We keep all parts in stock, so when you call needing computer support in Sunshine Coast, we’re out there on the day with parts ready to fix the computer.

Virus Removal

Have you accidentally clicked a link you shouldn’t have? Or downloaded a suspicious file to your computer. Turn off your computer & contact us before it’s too late! We will come out on the day to solve the problem.

Apple Device Solutions

We don’t just specialize in Windows & Linux. We are proud to say we support Apple products too. Supporting Macbooks, iMacs, iPads & iPhones we can repair your device & provide solutions for new devices too.

Onsite Computer Repairs

If your computers, server, network, or internet is currently down – Call us! We can be out there on the day to repair any issues. If you need computer repairs on the Sunshine Coast, we will work diligently to solve the issue on the day.


If you are in need of our managed IT services just give us a call on 1300 000 248, email us at or fill out the form on the right. We will be right with you, ready to give you the best managed IT support possible.

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