IT Audits, What & Why.

IT Audit

What and why do you need an IT audit?

So, you’ve been told by a prospective IT managed service provider (MSP) that you need an IT audit AKA technology audit for them to quote. Now, what is an IT audit? Basically, without this, an IT provider is taking a ‘stab in the dark’ as to what your business really needs. To put it plainly, you need this if you want to take your IT seriously.

An IT audit generally consists of three stages:
1. Initial meeting to cover the scope of the audit, your requirements and outcomes.
2. Review of your IT infrastructure.
a. Onsite review of your computers, servers, staff day-to-day operations and networking.
b. Offsite review of your IT related software.
3. A report of your current infrastructure and recommendations are provided with a quote.

With these, an MSP is able to provide suitable & meaningful recommendations as well as accurately quote any upgrades or IT services.

What do we do in an IT audit?

Well, we can’t speak for all MSPs as we’re sure everyone does it differently. However, see below for what we do.

  • Initial meeting – Once an IT audit has been approved, we meet with the business owner and/or approved business representative. In this meeting we discuss your requirements and our access for onsite/offsite audit.
  • Onsite review – An onsite review of all IT hardware including servers, computers, networking, phones and software is carried out. We also greet all staff present and ask them a few cursory questions about what they do and what they are hoping to achieve with improved IT support.
  • Offsite review – An offsite review of all cloud-based software, your email system and IT policies is carried out
  • Report & recommendations – Based on the findings throughout the audit, a report of your current IT infrastructure and recommendations on improvements tailored to your business are created. With these, there is no requirement to have Absolute IT implement any of these changes, you can take these to any MSP and they should have no issues quoting.
  • Presentation & proposal – We meet with the owner and/or approved business representative to provide the report, recommendations and proposal. With these you will have a complete picture of requirements, benefits and costs associated with being managed by us.

How to get started?

Not every business requires an IT audit. Simply contact us to find out if you do!

Contact us to start the process.

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