Is My Password Secure?

How secure is your password?

All too often people use just one password for everything. From uses as small as a video game right up to Bank accounts.
Lets be real, it’s not a good idea to sign up for a random website you found from an ad using the same password as your savings account!
How secure should your password be?:

  • Bad – wontguess
  • OK – 246Wontguess246
  • Good – 12Wont34Guess!!

Now obviously, it can be hard to remember a different password for every app, forum and account. SO, to simplify things, go and get a password managing app.

We recommend ‘1Password’ although there are heaps out there – Last Pass, Key Pass, AnyPassword, etc.

With a password management app you only need to remember one difficult password and the rest can be as crazy as you want 🙂