Frequently asked questions

Please find our most commonly asked questions below.

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Why choose Absolute IT?

Absolute IT deliver cloud-first managed IT services including solutions for cyber security, email, servers, networking, voice/phones, work stations, device management, training and more.
For a service that you can count on with a personalised on-shore team – Call Absolute IT.

What are managed IT services?

Think of us as your internal IT team. With predictable monthly costs including discounted labour rates, discounted hardware and software, allocated monthly hours to pro-active maintenance & hardware support as well as a team you know and trust. Managed IT services are applicable to all business shapes & sizes in any industry, it all comes back to how mission-critical operation time and productivity of your admin staff is to you.
If you think this is relevant to you, start the process here.

What is the process to finding out if managed IT services are what we need?

We have a 4 stage onboarding process:
  1. We’ll send you an information sheet to fill out.
  2. We will send indicative pricing.
  3. We may also recommend an IT audit. If an audit is performed we will collate all of our findings and meet to discuss our recommendations.
  4. We implement the recommendations and onboard you as a client.
The purpose of this process is to be as transparent & prepared as possible, and to give you the opportunity to see who we are and how we operate.

What if my company already has an internal IT team?

As an MSP, we help in multiple areas here:
  1. If your IT team have a large project that they requires more man-power or maybe is outside of their knowledge, we can assist.
  2. Maybe you need more help-desk coverage due to a lack of IT staff availability.
  3. We can manage your licensing.
  4. We are cyber security focused, which means we can manage the security for your email system, network, servers or endpoints.
Find more information here.

Do you provide Ad-Hoc support to companies?

We do not provide ongoing Ad-Hoc support to companies.
We will perform single projects and work with companies that are only looking for temporary support. However, we know that managed IT services are more reliable, transparent, pro-active and provide clearer expectations – as such, it is our recommendation.

Do you provide support to individuals/consumers?

We do not provide support to individuals except in very rare/specific circumstances.

What contracts do you lock clients into?

We have month-to-month contracts unless a specific services/software requires a longer termed contract.
We believe that lock-in contracts are ‘red flags’ and should be avoided. A vendor/supplier should earn your business every month without the need for locking you into a long contract.

Why is your pricing not displayed on your website?

Our services are tailored to each client’s needs, as such our pricing is tailored to each client.
We supply ‘ball-park’ pricing in the initial stages of communication, and all pricing will be outlined clearly with no hidden costs upon final acceptance.

If we have an existing IT provider, are you able to provide a second opinion?

We can perform a non-intrusive audit and provide you with a report so that you know you are getting the services you require.

What if we do not use the technology that you’ve listed on your website?

We list the primary services we support; however, every client has different requirements and uses different software. As such, we support a myriad of software/hardware/services that are not listed on our website.

What size business do you support?

Our core client base vary from 5 users to 80+ users. We provide managed IT services and IT support to companies all over the Sunshine Coast, and from Brisbane to Hervey Bay in all industries.

What do you recommend if we've operated with all our staff on personal email addresses? We're looking to move to a centralised email system.

We recommend Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 provides a synchronized, collaborative solution including instant messaging for internal communications, email hosting and shared data storage. We do also support Amazon WorkMail, Google Workspace (previously G-Suite) and more.