Fake Ransomware Email

So there are some fake emails going around in the last month ‘claiming’ to have infected your computer with a well known ransomware virus known as:


Wanna Cry is one of the first of the latest in infectious viruses. Don’t worry though, most anti-virus companies have released updates to fight against Wanna Cry so it’s not as much of a threat anymore! (Thank god. That was a pain in our butts for a while there haha).

What we want to stress though is whether you feel sure or not that it is or is not an infected email, be vigilant and treat it the same way – PERMANENTLY DELETE. The last thing we want is a business going belly up because they cant track their accounts due to all their data being encrypted!

So, be calm and keep a vigilant mind 😛

(Link to an insightful post about the same issue – http://www.thatsnonsense.com/scam-emails-are-claiming-to-infect-computers-with-wannacry-ransomware/)