AV Defender

Solarwinds - AV Defender

Powerful anti-virus solution managed by Absolute I.T.

AV Defender Antivirus

For small to medium business.

Don’t overlook this powerful software though, it packs a punch.

  • Malware protection.
  • Advanced Firewall settings.
  • Crypto-virus vaccine.
  • Highly configurable.
AV Defender Shield

For medium business.

This software is perfect for medium business. Features abundant.

  • Exchange protection.
  • Mobile security.
  • Datacenter security.
  • Centralized scanning.
AV Defender

For large business.

Powerful, scaleable and specific to security conscious businesses and companies against the most sophisticated threats.

  • Hyperdetect – detect viruses on network.
  • Virtual Sandbox – Test files for virus.
  • Detects viruses before they attack.
  • IPS & IDS protection against malicious traffic.

AV Defender uses the Bitdefender engine for scanning & heuristic analysis.

Bitdefender is the leader in anti-malware & anti-virus technologies.

Other engines rely on Bitdefender for zero-day protection releases. So, why not just use the engine?!

Bitdefender Partner

Our anti-virus solutions will protect your business from any threat.

Rest assured we are experts in the field of data protection.

The Benefits:

  • Managed firewall & malware scanning settings.
  • Monitored daily by our specialist staff.
  • lightweight & low resource design.
  • Very thorough, defensive capabilities.

The other bits:

  • Subscription based.
  • Paid monthly or yearly.
  • No minimum commitment.
  • Discount for multiple licences.

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